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1. Branded and modular PHI CRM built over 8 years:

Our branded PHI CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has been developed and refined meticulously over the span of eight years. This ensures that it is a robust and reliable platform for managing customer interactions and relationships. Its modular structure allows for flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of your business.

2. Member and New Business Modules:

Our PHI CRM includes dedicated member and new business modules that cater to the specific requirements of both existing members and potential new customers. The member module focuses on managing and nurturing relationships with current members, providing them with personalized support and ensuring their satisfaction. The new business module, on the other hand, is designed to attract and convert leads into new customers through targeted marketing and sales strategies.

3. Campaign and Lead Nurture:

Our PHI CRM empowers you to launch and manage campaigns effectively. With advanced campaign management features, you can track the progress of your marketing initiatives, monitor lead generation activities, and evaluate campaign performance. Additionally, our lead nurture functionality allows you to systematically engage and nurture leads through personalized communication and tailored content, guiding them through the sales funnel.

4. Needs Analysis and Quote and Join for HAMBS, P21, Civica new and existing members:

Our PHI CRM integrates comprehensive needs analysis and quote and join capabilities specifically designed for HAMBS, P21, and Civica, both for new and existing members. This streamlines the process of assessing member needs, generating accurate quotes, and facilitating a smooth onboarding experience. By leveraging these features, you can provide your members with personalized solutions and seamless access to your services.

5. Calendar Application:

Ouralendar application that can be seamlessly integrated into multiple employee diaries. This allows customers to choose their preferred time for appointments or consultations based on the availability of your team members. This feature enhances customer convenience and satisfaction while optimizing your scheduling process.

6. Campaign Management and Live Chat:

With our CRM’s campaign management capabilities, you can efficiently plan, execute, and monitor your marketing campaigns. It provides you with valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies. Additionally, our CRM incorporates a live chat feature, enabling real-time communication between your team and customers for prompt support and assistance.

7. Integrated Text Server – 2-way Communication with your customers :

Our CRM includes an integrated text server that enables seamless two-way communication with your members. This feature allows you to send important updates, notifications, or reminders to members via text messages. Simultaneously, it allows members to respond and engage in real-time conversations, fostering a personalized and interactive experience.

8. Skills-based Telephony

Our CRM incorporates skills-based telephony and a dialer system, ensuring that calls are routed to the most suitable team member based on their expertise. This enhances call handling efficiency, reduces wait times, and improves the overall customer experience. The dialer system further optimizes outbound calling by automating the dialing process, increasing productivity, and maximizing contact rates.

Our PHI CRM offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities tailored to the needs of your business. From member and new business modules to campaign management, lead nurturing, needs analysis, and quote and join capabilities, our CRM empowers you to deliver a personalized and seamless customer experience. Additionally, our calendar application, live chat, integrated text server, and skills-based telephony enhance efficiency and communication, driving customer satisfaction and business success.

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