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Comparison technology

Insurance and financial services products are complex, presenting a bewildering set of choices and jargon not only for a person researching which insurance policy is best for them but also the seasoned advisor who is performing this task on behalf of their customer. Add to that the need to ensure that what’s chosen can be explainable and impartial and you can see why a lot of websites rely on price as being the way they sort products.

Value doesn’t always mean cheapest

We recognise that value isn’t just about price to do this however we need to discover lot more about a person and then match them to the product that best suits them.

Faced with nothing in the market that could deliver to these expectations we embarked on designing our own comparison engine with the fundamentals being that it should save people time in terms of research, match jargon to a language that was easy to understand and match the results to their requirements. In doing so, reasoning should be easily explainable and not subjective, creating trust between the advisor or website and the customer

3 years later our product has evolved so that it can interface to multiple products and platforms and drives not only our own brands but is used to drive over 20 websites and call centres.

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